Sunday, July 30, 2017

Family time in the pool

This afternoon was one that I would have loved to go on forever...   We dropped by one of Daniel's cousins place after church like usual, bringing them a bunch of pizza for dinner and then stayed for a few hours before heading home. Daniel tinkered on the van a bit while I fed Tabitha and did some house stuff, then I headed for the pool, Matthew joined me, then Daniel, then Isaiah and finally Seth (Seth is terrified of water like his older brothers were and to some extent still are).
We played and played in the water for almost 3 hours, by the end Seth was willing to hold the side or our hands and try to walk through the water, and he would hang onto Daniel's or mine life jackets as we moved around the pool on our stomachs or backs, laying on us.  That's really a big step for him as he didn't even want to be in the fenced in area with the pool when we first got it. 
Matthew was actually floating and trying to swim, Isaiah was crouching down up to his neck and walking around the pool.  I think the pool's a hit. 
It was an amazing family time... Daniel isn't much of one for water, he stays out of it most of the time. But when we got home and it was so hot I didn't want to try to weed or pick cherries or anything really, I asked him if he'd come into the pool with me and he agreed... which not only was great for us as a couple and spending time together, but also the boys were more adventurous when their daddy is with them. 

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