Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Long day

I feel that I accomplished a lot today... but our house is still a mess. Washed 3 loads of laundry, hung two on the line and had to wait for them to dry so the third load didn't get out on the line till this evening. 
Picked about a gallon of tart cherries, the birds and ants have a hay day (oh make that cherry days) when our trees start ripening... by the time they are ripe enough to actually pick at least half of the cherries on the tree are bird pecked or ant riddled... but I have enough for either two pies or some cherry syrup. 
Made Coleslaw for me... tried to persuade the boys to eat some, but they figured I was trying to poison them...   So I get it all to myself... 
Then the boys helped me clean the pool out... We'd drained it
mostly last night as the algae was starting to slowly build up and the filter system was getting pretty rough looking... It's now sparkling clean again... after a few hours it was full, and I put a proper ratio of bleach in it and turned the filter system on again to get it circulating all night. 
The boys again were very helpful with weeding... pulled random weeds out of the potatoes that had gone to seed, and also tried to get all the portulaca weed out... grrrr... I dislike that weed... look it up and you'll see why.  It wasn't here when we moved here, we got dirt from two different farmers, one had portulaca and now we fight it trying to keep it from taking over our garden.
After we did the potatoes the boys helped me pull weeds near the onions and beets... after a bit they all left, and then Isaiah came back and helped me again.  Matthew and Seth decided to turn over the burning barrel and begin playing in the ashes.  I stopped them before they really did anything with the ashes though. 
Throughout the day I fed and cared for Tabitha... she's such a content little baby, just like her brothers were. Happy as can be to be a part of our family, as long as she's fed and had enough sleep that is.  

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