Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Peaceful moments

Last night I was laying watching the lightening out the window, listening to the thunder roll and rain fall steadily in the darkness, hearing Daniel's steady breathing, Tabitha's occasional stirs in her crib, the stirring/crinkling sound of our boys rolling over in their sleep. 
It's hard to explain the feeling. 
Happiness, thankfulness, feeling rather overwhelmed with how much I have been blessed, and feeling completely undeserving of the blessings. 
And so a whispered prayer of gratitude to God, a grateful session as He reminds me in the moment that no matter what I am going through there is still peace to be found.
I don't have "every thing together" every day I look at my short comings and see my mistakes, I see my failings and I ache for my husband and children who have to endure my humanness on a daily basis. Yet there are moments of quiet peace, where I can forget for a time the things that hurt and I am thankful for those times. 

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